JIT Services partners with utility companies to increase participation in conservation programs for hard-to-reach business and non-profit customers.  Providing either on-site or remote energy assessments, with on-going coaching services and monthly scorecards, utility companies generate increased participation in programs and higher customer satisfaction.     

Remote Energy Assessment

For a utility company that wants to have success with hard-to-reach business customers, our proven program conducting a remote assessment with ongoing coaching and scorecards is what you need! This approach is a cost-effective way to get businesses that have not participated in utility programs to take action.

EnerChange Program

JIT is the primary delivery partner for the EnerChange program: EnerChange offers energy consulting services to nonprofit organizations free of charge! Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Xcel Energy, and CenterPoint Energy, non-profit organizations can learn about ways to decrease energy consumption, allowing them to redirect unnecessary expenses for utilities to their mission-based programs.