1991: Founding of JIT Services by Jamie Aragon

Founded by Jamie Aragon in 1991, JIT looked to bring “just in time” to the services industry by providing engineering, accounting and office staffing services.

2002: JIT Services transitions to utility and energy consulting company

JIT hired current day President Mike Menzel and five other key employees, all of whom are still with the company. Seeing new opportunities and potential, JIT Services transitioned to utility and energy consulting focused on cost savings and efficiency. We did this through utility bill processing, bill audits, and energy and water efficiency consulting.

2003: JIT Services develops a web portal to present utility billing data to help corporations manage utility bills and sustainability initiatives.

After transitioning to the utility and energy consulting industry within a year, JIT saw a need to provide accurate, relevant data to our clients. Though we have updated our system a few times in the last 20 years, it is a practice we still continue today.

2006: JIT Services enters the multi-family industry

After having a successful track record of utility bill processing and audits in the commercial sector, JIT entered the multi-family industry, currently the largest sector JIT serves. As of today, JIT has saved its multi-family customers over $40 million dollars!

2008: JIT Services wins Minneapolis and St. Paul Business Journal Minority Business Award

As a Hispanic and woman-owned business, JIT began to draw local attention as it grew and became more successful.

2009: JIT Services is named General Mills Minority Business Supplier of the Year

After saving General Mills hundreds of thousands of dollars in its first year of service and increasingly more in each year thereafter, JIT was awarded as General Mills Minority Business Supplier of the Year.

2010: JIT Services partners with EnerChange to provide no-cost energy efficiency consulting services to Minnesota non-profit organizations

In JIT’s pursuit of sustainability, we have always had a deep desire to better our surrounding community. Partnering with EnerChange was a fantastic way to benefit our local non-profits by increasing efficiency and saving money for their important programs.

2013: JIT Services is named the North Central Minority Supplier Development Council’s Class 4 Supplier of the Year

JIT’s growth began to lead to regional and national recognition as JIT was awarded the regional supplier of the year after being nominated by General Mills.

2014: JIT Services adds resident billing capabilities to help the multi-family industry increase efficiency and decrease expenses.

As JIT began to grow into the multi-family sector, we saw a need to provide billing capabilities along with quality data reports in our energy services. This foresight led to easy-to-access information and an overall convenience for our property managers and owners.

2017: Jamie Aragon Sells JIT Services to Thor Development and Mike Menzel

After founding and running her business for almost 20 years, Jamie Aragon sold JIT to Thor Development and Mike Menzel. Thor Development became the majority owner, with Richard Copeland serving as chairman of the board.

2017: Xcel Energy names JIT Services as an Energy Efficiency Partner award winner for Business Energy Efficiency Programs

After facilitating millions of dollars in rebates for our local commercial customers, JIT was named as an Xcel Energy Efficiency Partner for our Business Energy Efficiency Programs. It was a great honor to be recognized for our energy efficient solutions and their effectiveness. JIT received the award in 2018 as well.

2019: NGE Holdings acquires majority interest in JIT Services and generates a strategic plan for future growth

NGE Holdings acquired a majority interest in JIT and named Ravi Norman CEO. Norman facilitates a strategic growth plan focused on stewardship, sustainability, and diversity.

2020: JIT Services is named the North Central Minority Supplier Development Council’s Class 4 Supplier of the Year

Amidst a global pandemic, the JIT team accelerated its positive impacts on people, profit and planet, as evidenced by the customer satisfaction leading to our nomination. JIT was proud to be recognized as NCMSDC's Class 4 Supplier of the Year.

2021: Ecolab CEO becomes investor in JIT Services

Former CEO of Ecolab, Doug Baker, invested in JIT. Doug’s experience and track record of success is helping to propel JIT forward in its vision of empowering people to positively impact the environment.